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Residential Locksmith Service

We provide a range of home lock and key services and have 24/7 availability for emergencies. Our locksmiths specialize in home lockouts, lock repair, and installation. We perform key extraction, duplication, and re-keying for homes in the area. Our residential locksmiths can secure all structures on your property as well. We add protection to sheds, garages and work on gates. Our licensed and insured locksmiths also install and open safes in homes.

Our locksmiths also perform home security audits in the area. Our locksmiths check the entire property and identify areas vulnerable to intrusion. If you have been the victim of a break-in, we can dispatch an emergency locksmith. Contact us for a reliable and experienced residential locksmith 24/7. For over 15 years, our primary focus has remained to protect you and your family by securing your home. Get a free quote for residential locksmith services by calling or filling out the form.

If you get locked out of your house, our professional locksmiths can help you gain entry. You do not need to panic because we offer emergency 24/7 mobile residential services. We have fast response times for house lockouts. Our licensed and insured locksmiths will come to your house and help you regain access. We can also help if your keys have been lost or stolen. Sometimes, keys can break off inside doors from wear and tear, old locks, or damaged hardware. Our locksmiths can extract broken keys from doors and can repair the lock or rekey.

For new homeowners, rekeying gives you peace of mind that no one else has a key. Our locksmiths also rekey rental properties after tenants move out. Rekeying keeps the existing lock if it is in good condition. We will change the pins inside the lock and rekey it for you. When our locksmiths rekey your home, we can install single-key access. All doors will only require one key, making it easier for you and your family.

We service other areas of your property, including sheds and gates. Locksmiths New York can open combination locks as well. Our professional locksmiths also perform key duplication for homes on site. Key duplication saves a trip to the hardware store and accommodates household members. Our local locksmith company offers free quotes on our lock and key services. Contact us to get an experienced locksmith to help you regain entry to your home.

Over time door hardware, including locks, can age or break and need repair. Our licensed and insured locksmiths can make entering your home more accessible. Your door may have a jammed lock that does not turn when you place the key into it. Cold weather may freeze locks, and humidity and heat may prevent doors from opening. Broken locks and door hardware may be the result of an attempted break-in or other tampering. We offer residential lock repair, replacement, and installation services to the area.

We repair and install all types of locks and hardware for homes. Our locksmiths work with deadbolts, doorknobs, and single-key access systems. Our trained locksmiths will not damage your home’s doorway during repair services. We repair and replace old or broken locks on sheds, gates, or fences on your property. Our local locksmiths can also open and install residential safes.

Our professional locksmiths can repair and install locks with more advanced technology. We work with keyless entry systems, digital keypads, smart and electronic locks. Keyless entry systems further protect your home from unwanted access.  We also install smart locks that add cutting-edge technology and security. In business for over 15 years, we offer free quotes on residential locksmith services. Contact us for any residential lock repair and installation services you need, 24/7.

We perform home security inspections to identify areas vulnerable to intrusion. Our locksmith will bring any hazardous areas to your attention. We assess all existing locks and hardware on your property. After checking your home, our locksmith will make recommendations. To add extra home security, we can install high security or deadbolt locks. We can add window bars or strike plates that strengthen your door from getting kicked in. Our local locksmith company also installs interlocks. You can prevent intruders from picking your lock and gaining entry with interlocks. When we assess your home, we will check your windows, visible valuables, and lighting. Our locksmiths may recommend installing motion sensor cameras or a wireless security system. In addition to alarms, key boxes secure all the keys for your home. Locksmiths New York do detailed security audits of your home to keep your family safe.